What You Say About Us

Here are a few of the comments people have made about my Pet Care Products.

"Yes it's gr8 stuff, shampoo smells gr8, & have tried the cleaners & they'll get any stain out, brilliant, especially the fresh smelling apple one, would defo recommend."

Angel G

"This is without a doubt the best pet shop in Devon. Sammie goes over and above, always has time to help and advise. I would recommend Red Paw to every pet owner. 5* service. Top tip - try the Dooley’s shampoo it's amazing!"

Nelva P

"Yes you need a pair of sunglasses on when you look at Angus after he has taken a bath using these products."

Lynne T

"Lovely shampoo."

Loraine O

"I was given a small free sample of this at the Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge. I have a white dog who gets dirty a lot and have tried quite a few shampoos over the years. This one lathers well but not too much, it goes a long way so you're not slapping half a bottle on, and it smells very nice. It feels soft and gentle and my dog felt lovely and soft for a good while after. I will now be ordering this as my regular shampoo."

Lorna W amazon.co.uk

"Smells nice, delicate, not overpowering. Seems really gentle. Liked it. Will re-order."

Trisha amazon.co.uk

"Dooley's Honey & Coconut Shampoo left our dogs clean and smelling great."

Nikki & Paul G Milton Keynes

"No more smelly cat litter trays when I spray them with Dooley's Bio Odour Remover."

Gemma H Kent

"I have 2 smelly little Jack Russells and just one wash in the Honey & Coconut Shampoo and now they smell wonderful!

Not only the great smell but their coats were extremely soft and their white fur is really light reflective, it almost sparkles now."

Becks Keighley, West Yorkshire

I have had a poorly dog lately and had to clean up a number of unspeakable’s with the help of the Odour Remover and Universal Cleaner, which have done the trick and saved my poor cream carpets! I would highly recommend Dooley’s cleaning products to anyone with messy pooches."

Becks Keighley, West Yorkshire

"What I've found brilliant is how it removes blood (Dooley's Universal Cleaner) from my cream carpet in seconds (I currently have a dog in season) it's just fab."

Sammie H

"I use Dooley's Universal Cleaner in my Chicken Coop I was so impressed how it removes bird lime from the perches and nesting boxes."

Danny O Suffolk

"Messy pet food areas are a thing of the past now with Dooley's Disinfectant Cleaner the food safe and great Apple fresh fragance"

Julie W Cornwall

"We had a real problem with foxes weeing on our bins until we used Dooley's Bio Odour Remover, this product removed the smell and seems to stop them re-peeing."

Barbara J London

"Both Dottie & Doodle love bathing in your Dooley's Honey & Coconut shampoo even when it's only a quick shower under the hose"

Lisa O Mendlesham

"I like all the Dooley's products but the Disinfectant Cleaner is great for cleaning my Mouse cages and Pink and Brain even like the apple smell."

Jenny P Liverpool

"Guinea pigs Ronnie & Reggie (the hairy ones) and Teddy & Gus said their Mum keeps their hutches safe and clean by using Dooley's Disinfectant Cleaner and cleaning day is the best day of the week now! she also gives us a little wash with Dooley's shampoo"

Ronnie & Reggie (the hairy ones), Teddy & Gus and Mum Joanne W Maidstone Kent

"I found the Dooley's Honey & Coconut Shampoo was the best animal shampoo I have ever used on my horse. Her coat was so shiny and easy to brush after her shampoo and shower with the hose."

Terri D Surrey

"Dooley's Universal Cleaner was amazing on the rear area of our Land Rover. One clean and came up like new, after 2 months of the pets traveling in there."

Maggie S North Shields