Top Tips for showing your dog

When you start showing your dog there are many things to think about, and when the day of the show arrives the nerves kick in and you forget things, so I’ve written down my top tips to being prepared and staying calm.

  1. Be organised, keep a show diary, when you send your entries off, put in a self-addressed postcard with "receipt for ......... show" and the name of your dog on it. So when your entries are received by the show secretary, they will then return it and you will have confirmation of your entry. Always take your confirmation to the shows with you, so if required you can prove your entry.
  2. Prepare the day before the show. Think about what you might need to take with you? Some examples include; show lead(s), poo bags, Teepol’s hand sanitizer, proof of entry, grooming equipment, Dooley’s pet care Travel pack, water for your dog, food / treats for your dog, bedding and towels, dog crate if required, bench chains, passes for you and your dog(s), car pass, food for yourself, drinks for yourself, show clip, crate / bench identification, normal collar and lead, chair for yourself etc.

  3. Prepare your dog in advance. Bathing, (use Dooley’s Shampoo for the professional look) grooming, cleaning of ears and teeth etc. all play a key role in making your dog look it's best. Make yourself a handy 10-1 Dooley's shampoo spray mix. Great for use with wet-wipes for muddy paws or accidents, i.e. car sickness on the day of the show. And with your Dooley’s Mini Travel bottles you will have everything you need on the day to keep your dog and the area safe and clean.
  4. Think about what you are going to wear, not only does it need to look smart and be comfortable but you need it to compliment your dog. E.g. if you show a cream dog, don't wear cream. You need to wear a colour that will make your dog stand out from you and show off its outline. Make sure you wear non-slip comfortable shoes.
  5. On the morning of the show make sure you have planned your route and take the directions / Sat Nav with you. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the show, and don’t forget your dog! (it has happened)

  6. When you get to the show, set up your area, put the crate and your chair up. It is important your dog has a safe place to rest between showing.
  7. Make sure you give your dog time at the show to settle / calm down and relieve themselves before you have to go in the ring.

  8. Relax and enjoy yourself and remember the judge’s decision on the day is what counts. If it’s not your dog’s day! Remember to congratulate the winners. You always take the best dog home and the next show might just be your day. Good luck and have fun!