Top Tips for bathing your pets

  1. It’s so important with any pet to make bathing fun and as least stressful as possible. Have plenty of your pet’s favourite treats nearby. Rewarding is key to successful bathing. It is important to create a positive calm experience, so your pet won't develop a dislike or fear of being bathed.
  2. I would advise if your pet is new to bathing or nervous or skittish I would recommend you have a helper to help keep your pet calm, and offer treats for good behaviour.
  3. Keeping your pet safe during bathing – bath tubs, sinks and showers can be very slippery, use a bath mat or rubber mat in the base to ensure your pet feels safe. It can also be useful to have a collar or harness or head collar can be useful as a handle to help support your pet.

  4. Prepare to bath – preparing is so important, not only to help keep your pet calm but to keep you & your home dry. Collect together everything you need before you start plus pre mixed Dooley’s Shampoo (see point 6), Don't forget the towels, lots of towels, oh and you may want to use an apron!
  5. Brush before you bath - by grooming your pet before bathing you can ensure all matts are removed, matts hold moisture which can hold water and cause irritation after bathing and will be twice as hard to remove. Another reason to groom before you start is to prevent all the loose hair going down your drains and blocking them.

  6. Keeping ears and eyes safe – every pet is different and some really dislike any water on their heads yet some don't mind at all. But it is still very important not to let any products (however safe they say they are on the label) get into their ears or eyes as this can give them a bad experience or even a secondary ear infection from moisture getting into the ear canal. I use a face cloth / flannel to wash face area but I put a cotton ball just inside each ear to prevent water from getting in them. Sometimes water spills or splashes where you don't want it to go. I don't recommend you lather your dog's head. If for some reason you have to, it's important to hold the dog's chin up and rinse the soapy water back toward the neck and not down over the face to avoid getting shampoo in the eyes.

  7. Bathing – Pre mixing your Dooley’s shampoo not only makes it go a long way but also makes it much easier to evenly distribute shampoo through your pet’s coat. Dilute the shampoo, 10-20-parts water to 1-part shampoo. I use an old washing up detergent bottle, which has been cleaned out to remove all detergent. You will find this really good for applying shampoo all over your pet one handed while freeing up your other hand to rub the shampoo in. Plus, when you drop it or it slips out of your hands, it doesn't spill everywhere. There are lots of products on the market to help with bathing your pets, from bathing brushes, grooming gloves, shampoo dispensers, sponges etc. but which every you like to use, Dooley’s will work very well with. Whatever the breed of dog I'm bathing I find using a sponge for feet, under the belly and private areas really useful. I use a face cloth/flannel for around head area.
  8. Once you are all prepared and you have everything within easy reach you can start to wash your pet. I know we call it bathing but where possible its always better to shower your pet or use a jug. Because if you plunge your pet into a bath of water, wash them and rinse them in one lot of water, you cannot ensure all the shampoo is rinsed out of the coat or your pet is even clean.

  9. Use luke warm water, (same as you would use for a baby/child temperate is perfect) Wet your pets coat thoroughly, once wet apply your pre mixed shampoo, rub/ message into your pet’s coat from neck to toes. Most pets really enjoy this messaging part. Use the sponge/facecloth as mentioned above, take lots of care to keep out of eyes and ears. Rinse your pet really well with warm water. It's very important to make sure you have removed all the shampoo. Repeat if necessary for very dirty or smelly pets.
  10. Dry your pet as well as you can with towels, dog's particularly love this part and normally follow this by zooming around the house. Don't let your pet get cold after bathing.

Remember to have fun, making it a stress-free experience for you both.