Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to: Sprocket, Gracie, Devon and Aunty Lili and their Mum Sammie, who, we are pleased to say are the winners of a year's supply of my Dooley's pet care range worth over £250.00.

Sammie sent her entry in on Mother's day, and was randomly picked from all the entries we had over our month long comPETition.

Sammie is pictured here with Gracie and Lili out on Bodmin moor. Sammie told us "We love our adventures out and about even if we do get very muddy sometimes, especially Lili as she has lots of white. My dogs are my babies and we love our time together". Sammie also said "There's five of us in our family, me human mummy, Sprocket a (15 yr) patterdale, and 3 whippets: Gracie (5yr), her son Devon (5mths) and Aunty Lili (3yr)".

Well Sammie we hope you find that the gang can get as mucky as they like now because you have all the Dooley's product you will need for a year's worth of mud. So whether it's in the car or at home or even when out visiting friends you will always be able to keep safe and clean.

We also believe that Sammies babies as she calls them (and I think we can all understand why) enter in shows. So we wish her and them all the best for those competitions too. Let's hope my Dooley's Shampoo gives them the edge they need to win.