Time to Twoof for Dooley [February 2016]

What would you call it if a dog uses Twitter and therefore tweets? I think I call it twoofing! (The 't' is silent.)

There are a lot of us canine types on twitter. I am following: @luckyBuddydog1 (a rescue chihuahua), @Paxtonandthepig and more. And other are following me, like: @LunaCockapoo (description 'Floppy eared licker, expert knicker thief and carpet chewer. Some say I look like chewbacca!!!').

So far none of the vast number of cats on Twitter are following me. But then that's cats. What do you expect? Pity though, as most of my products will work just as well for cats. And not just cats. Apparently someone used my shampoo on their horse - and his coat has never been so shiny!

If that hasn't given you enough of a reason to follow me @dooleysproducts then you'll be missing out on my joke of the day!

Dooley and friends with the Dooley's product range