Dooley's - How it all began

The humans want me to talk about my products. It all started with doggie shampoo when my mum "Carole" wanted a pet shampoo that worked. As other brands she had tried covered up the smells but didn't remove them. So I had the Lab guys (I know you're thinking Labradors in white coats WOL) come up with Dooley's honey & Coconut Bac Shampoo. Something that worked well and had a nice smell - for both dogs and humans. Some-times you just have to spoil your humans.

BTW The Shampoo is not just for Dogs as one of the staff at Battersea told us they even washed a horse with it and was amazed how clean and shiny the horse's coat was. So if your furry friend has a bit of a smell, then a quick bath in my shampoo and no one else will be able to tell.

After the success of my shampoo I wanted to make other products that would help clean up around the places' we animals like to be. You can read about them here.

All the products have been proven to work on animals and the messes we make. I should know. I'm not just CEO, I am also Chief Product Tester. It's not like I need a reason to get all covered in mud.

But, the most important thing, all the products have my picture on. Well not really me, he's my cartoon double. Drawn by Bob Ahearn who is a great friend of mine and local artist. Who wants to stand still to be photographed eh? When I could be eating hot sausage rolls.

So if you have any questions related to pets or any animals I will do my best to give you the right answers. Just email me at