Bone Home the day we went to Devon and returned with a bone

On Friday the 12th of August, Dad and I set off for South Devon to see Sammie Hunt at Redpaw our number one distributor for the West Country of Dooley's pet care range. Sammie's shop is based in Plympton, just outside Plymouth, so it was a long drive but dad always allows plenty of time for those little stops needed. I personally like the food stops best, Dad always gets me something tasty. This time it was some bacon and a sausage. I also got a little drink of tea so I was very happy.

It was a sunny day in Devon and we got to Sammie's about 2pm. It was my first time meeting her so I was very excited and Sammie's Redpaw shop smells lovely; filled with some great products and Redpaw's very own pet food range. If you love pets then this is the place to be for treats, toys, food, Sammie even makes show leads, and of course you can buy my Dooley's pet care range. Sammie is so knowledgeable about all things pet and always happiest when chatting to her customers. I liked it best when we had cuddles and our photo taken (see above). Dad and Sammie had a long chat while I sniffed out all the new smells. I love pet shops. I like to leave the business talk to Dad as he says it so much better then I do. WOL hehe.

Sammie said that everyone who had brought my products really liked them (I was so happy to hear this) Then it was time to leave but before leaving Dad unloaded some new stock for Redpaw that Sammie had ordered. I kept out of the way as they were very heavy since they were my 5 litre bottles which are very economical and you get loads for your money.

As we were leaving Sammie gave me a big bone for the journey home, which I carried to the car. Once all settled in, with my safety belt on we set off home. It wasn't long before I fell asleep and dreamt of bones. After a long day Dad drove us home, where I couldn't wait to tell Mum all about our business trip.