Dooleys take a stand

3:30am and Del, my dad, was down in the West Country. It was Friday 14th of October and his first stop was at JWJ (John Williamson Joinery) in Chardstock in Devon. He was picking up my latest bespoke shop stand.

Once the stand was loaded into dad's car, the next stop was Plymouth. The stand was going to be set up in our south-west distributor Redpaw Pet Supplies.

After unloading the stand and Redpaw's latest order, Sammie and Del set up the new stand with all my products. As you can see I think it looks ready good.

If you would like to be a distributor or stockist and get your paws on one of my bespoke stands or counter top display units; then contact me to find out how. We are always looking for new outlets. If you're in the pet industry or know someone who is don't miss out on my Dooley's pet care range. Contact us to find out more.

  • Every pet deserves the best, thats why Dooley's out-performs the rest.
  • Dooley's the number one pet products from the home of Teepol.

After setting up the stand, Sammie bought dad a cornish pasty for lunch; from this awesome place just 2 doors away from Redpaw's - Funky Mamas. (wish I'd been there for that. I like pasties!)

When Dad got home he said it was a good drive there and back. It had been a long day as he didn't get in to 10pm! But I was up waiting to hear all about his trip. Dad had got me a big bag of all natural treats that Sammie had sent home just for me. Redpaw Pet Supplies have their own range of natural healthy food for pets and Sammie knows everything about feeding your pet a good diet. So if you need any information or help give her a call on 07752 230462.

Thank you Sammie.