Dooley heads South

You all know Dooley likes everyone to be able to try his great range of pet products. So when we got a call from Jazz's Mum Yve we got to work packing up her order, nothing strange in that I hear you cry!

True we send out hundreds of orders everyday, but this one was different...

This one was going on a long journey first by road then by ship, not so much to the other side of the world but this time almost to the bottom... Yes it was going all the way down to the Falkland Islands, part of the remote South Atlantic archipelago. With rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts, home to sheep farms and abundant birdlife, and one or two penguins.

This is where Jazz lives with her mum Yve and now I will let Jazz tell you her story in her own words, in this email I received.

Good Morning Dooley,

My name is Jazz, short for Jasmine Tallulah, but I only get my full name if I have been naughty. I am a bit of a mischief finder to be honest, so probably I get my full name far more often than I should, I just can't resist things like digging holes, pulling mums plants out of the garden and eating the hens food. All of which I'm not supposed to do. I am 8 years old now and told I should be growing up, but I don't feel very grown up most days.

My favourite hobbies are sleeping, eating, getting into the muddiest puddles possible and my all-time favourite hobby is finding a pile of smelly horse or penguin poo to roll in.

Mum brought me your present last night, your Dooley's Honey and Coconut Bac Shampoo, oh what beautiful smells, however I wasn't too impressed when she then put me in the shower and made me wash, but it was good to smell nice at the end of it. The indignity of it all is that she took the attached photo of me, I mean I couldn't even hide behind a towel. How rude of her!!

I think I might be going out into the snow again this weekend, but at least I get a nice cup of tea when I get home and a biscuit or two to go with it.


Looks like another happy Dooley's pet care products customer