Dooley comes Fourth

On a cold but dry winters day Mum, Dad, Auntie Carol and I set off for Plymouth. Today we are all going to the opening of Sammie Hunt's new bigger pet shop, Redpaw Pet Supplies.

I'm very excited, as there are going to be lots of other dogs there, because Sammie is holding a dog show today as well. I've never been to a dog show before. Dad said I can enter some of the events.

We have been staying in the North part of Devon as Dad is seeing some customers this weekend. So we are driving down through Tavistock which was the birth-place of Sir Francis Drake. He was a famous sea commander (in 1588) and not a Duck as I first thought!!

Then just on edge on Dartmoor before we reach Plymouth (Which is where that chappy Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls before he defeated the Spanish. I asked Dad how the Spanish got home after if they had no feet WOL) there was some big woolly sheep on the moor. (Remember if you're out walking on the moors always stay on your leads because you can scare the animals if you chase them.)

When we arrive at Redpaw's new shop we all get out of the car. Mum, Dad & Auntie Carol are all in their Teepol and Dooley's fleeces. They have my name right across their backs. Hehe. I think they are wearing them so I can't lose them in a crowd, WOL.

As we walk over to the shop I see Baloo! He is Jaycee's dog, so I go over to say hello. We are both pleased to see each other and Baloo looks good; quick sniff and yup he's had a bath in my shampoo. Baloo has his own blog too.

Time to see the new shop. Wow, it's awesome, so big, lots of new shelves. Redpaw's own brand of dog food, it smells amazing, tastes yummy and it's good for you too. The new shop is so clean but all those smells of great treats means my nose is on overtime. Then I spy my products all lined up on their very own bespoke stand. Mmm, just time for a quick photo maybe hehehe.

Then we look at the Teepol products. This is new for their new shop. Redpaw now stocks a range of Teepol products and you can order anything else from the catalogue too.

Down the shop a bit more and there are beds, crates, dog bowls and leads. Everything a pet could need. Also teas, coffees, cake and sandwiches for all the pet's owners and right at the back is a grooming salon. You can also be micro chipped; this is the best pet shop I've been in.

Soon lots of people and their pets arrive. There are dogs of every shape and size; so time to meet and greet. Mmm, so many have been bathed in my Dooley's shampoo. Lots of new friends I'm making.

The dog show started and I'm waiting with Mum, Dad and Auntie Carol. They are running the raffle which is being done in aid of St Luke's Hospice here in Plymouth. There are lots of prizes to be won and Dad has donated some London Soap gift boxes.

With so much going on I have to wait a long time for my go to enter into one of the classes but all the people are chatting and laughing. A few of us are barking but it is fun for everyone; owner and pet alike.

With lots of different classes to enter there is something for everyone to join in. Then it's my turn to enter one. So Dad and I enter the show area, we have to stand line with all the other dogs. This class is for the over-sevens (shush because I'm not seven for 5 more days) but the entry fee is going to good cause. The judge comes round and checks me out and gives me a pat. Then moves on to the next dog in line and then comes the decision.

Nope I didn't get a prize in this one but its great fun entering and there are other classes I can enter. So we go back to Mum and wait for another round. As we are walking back Dad talks to lots of people about my products. Everyone seems to like using them and Dad sounds very pleased and I get lots of strokes and pats.

As we wait for next one I can enter, Mum goes and gets some teas and cakes. The cake stall is being run by Paige, that's Sammies new helper. Mum soon comes back with it and I get a little bit of cake (I like cake).

Time for next class so up we go again. This time it's best cross-breed. I'm an F1 cockapoo, so I'm half Cocker Spaniel and half Poodle. Again the judge checks me over and we wait the results and this time I win fourth prize. Yay! Dad is so proud! I get a goodie bag full of treats and a toy and best of all I've won a rosette. I rush back to show Mum. She gives me loads of fuss and says how well I have done. I wag my tail a lot WOL.

The whole day has been really great and Redpaw's new shop is awesome. If you live in or are ever in Plymouth you should check it out. They have everything you could ever need plus Sammie always has good advice.

After everyone has gone, Mum and Dad buy me some treats. In fact, it's a very big bag of treats and I get two new food bowls. Then we all take some photos outside the shop for fun.

It's been a very long day and as soon as I'm back in the car, I fall asleep.