Dooley on the other side of the pond

Last week Dooley's sent some of their products to the United States; to Boodya's mom - Andy. Today this review comes winging it's way back. Over to you Boodya!

Hi! I'm Boodya. Well, my name is Peaches, but my mommy calls me, “Boodya,” and I live in Florida in the United States.

I received some great samples from the awesome folks at Teepol... specifically, Dooley's Pet Products.

My mommy LOVES the Tagfresh air fresheners. I heard her tell my daddy that NOTHING has ever smelled so good or worked so effectively at removing odors that my cat brothers and sisters make. She highly recommends them!

She likes the cleaners too...the scent really lasts and those too, she recommends!

Now...enough about my mommy. Let's talk about me and my new shampoo. I have skin problems. I itch, a lot. I was a rescue...and I can't tell my mommy what I went through before she rescued me...but I have a lot of physical problems. My skin itches so bad, sometimes, that I claw and chew myself until I make raw places on me.

My mommy has slathered me with organic cocoa butter, put coconut oil in my food, rubbed it on me...and I still itch, really bad.

Nothing works...and my mommy isn't a fan of drugs to stop my itching… even though she knows it's probably what I need.

Mommy tried my new honey and coconut shampoo and I don't itch, at all, now! I'm so happy and so is my mommy. She says I smell good. I'm going to ask mommy if she will buy me more Dooley's when she runs out.

Thanks, Dooley's for making a shampoo that works, even on me!