Big day for our prize winners!

The big day when prize winners: Mum(Sammie) and her babies got there prizes.

Sammie said "As you can see we was all very excited to see what was in the boxes. Once I had opened the boxes and put them out on the sofa it was time for us to take a look and see what was there."

"Mmmm, lots of lovely Dooley's cleaning products and some LSC hand soap for me mum - Sammie. And cleaning products for cleaning up after we have all had fun playing and getting our home and car very messy. But wait what's this I see? There are some Tagfresh air-fresheners to make our home smell lovely and even some Citronelle ones to keep the bug's away from us. Oh there is more! Some pens for us to write about our trips to shows and some car air-freshener too. WOW we even won some Teepol Alcohol Hand sanitizer for mum when she picks up our poo, WOL. The pocket size ones are great when your out about like us.

Wait wait there it is Dooley's Honey & Coconut Bacterial Shampoo: "YAY! OK mum me first", said Sprocket, "bath me first pleaseeeeeeeeee."

Sprocket show us here that after the bath he was so clean and smelling lovely, mum Sammie allowed him on the bed.

Sammie left us with this message: "Thank you so much, I've took lots of photos for you. I will do more as we use the products. I'm so pleased."

Well Sammie and gang thank you for entering and we hope you have a great time using my Dooley's Pet Care Range and finding out all the cleaning jobs they can do.

If like our lucky winner you would like to get your paws on my products, check out my products page and get some today. If you would like to try some of Teepol's fantastic range you can get them too.

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