Dooley, Wells and the Anchor Inn

We all woke up to a sunny morning in our holiday cottage in Blakeney North Norfolk. My best friends Bear, Diggy and I played in the garden after sharing some of Dad's breakfast. Today we just had toast and jam. I much prefer it, when we have full English, I do love sausages, WOL.

So where to go today guys? We dogs want to go to the beach, nothing like the feel of sand between your paws. So let's listen to where we are going? Uncle Paul said let's all go to Wells-next-the-Sea. Yay it has the word sea in it, me likes the sound of that. Bear, Diggy and I are very excited as everyone gets ready. Then we set off in the cars to Wells-next-the-sea.

As we travel along the coast road I can see glimpses of the sea; because I'm sitting on mum's lap. We like to travel in the back of the car so I can have my seat strap on, and dad gets to be our driver WOL. Traveling through villages like Morston and Stiffkey the road is lined with traditional flint cobble-stone houses and I hear mum and dad commenting about it all being very picturesque and like a chocolate box photo. I'm not allowed chocolate as, apparently, it's bad for dogs - so unfair.

Soon we arrive in Wells, a small seaside town on the North Norfolk coast. We make our way to the seafront taking a long road. By the side of the road was a very small steam railway. Dad said it was only 10.5 inches wide [You can find out more about it here].

We then get to the end of the road, past a big car park and I can smell the sea. I'm very excited, once out the car Bear, Diggy & I are back together; all walking on our leads and heading towards the smell of the sea. But wait, what is this? A cafe that really welcomes dogs. It even has its own Doggy bar and free doggy bath (donations welcomed). All they need is some of my shampoo and the place would be perfect WOL. (I will get Dad on to it).

A quick drink and once more unto the beach dear friends. Up over the slope and there it is. Sand, sea and fun; and we're off the leads and away down the beach. We play for an hour or so, sniffing, chasing balls, chasing each other. Holidays are so much fun with friends. Then it's time for a drink back at the cafe, where Bear & Diggy both try out the bath while I check out some people to get some cuddles and pats. Nothing like a bit of free fuss and cuddles WOL.

Diggy, me and Bear

On the way back to the car I heard Aunty Alison tell the others about a pub we had passed in Morston and said it might be a good place for some lunch. I liked the sound of this and told Bear and Diggy what I had heard. They too thought this could be a good idea. We are always keen to sample the local food places.So we all got back into the cars, Mum, Dad and me followed Aunty Nikki's car. Which is where Uncle Paul, Uncle Nigel, Aunty Alison, Bear and Diggy were. Soon we were parking up in the car park of the Anchor Inn, Morston, which as it turned out was a very dog friendly place indeed.

As our humans all looked at the menus, I had a drink from one of the many water bowls that were around. A very nice touch and very welcome on a warm Autumn day. Then this lady turned the corner and asked if our humans was ready to order? We found out that this lovely lady was Laura but said we could call her Doris as that was her nickname. I said you can call me Doozer (that's what mum and dad call me). Everyone was having a laugh and joke and Doris was very funny. With all the drinks and food ordered, we sat back and enjoyed the outdoor area. A few other people and their pets came into the garden area and Bear, Diggy and I said hello with friendly woofs and much wagging of tails.

In no time at all, Doris was back with the humans' drinks. After serving everyone and checking they were OK, she gave Diggy and Bear lots of fuss and cuddles. Then it was my turn. There is nothing like a stroke and a tickle from a new friend. Dad then told Doris that I had my own business, Dooley's pet care range. Doris said wow and told Dad she had 3 dogs of her own. After a few more minutes of fussing me Doris went back into the pub and soon after a nice young guy came out with Uncle Paul's starter. It was a fish soup which Uncle Paul said was very nice. We dogs didn't get to try any of this, but I did get some fuss and cuddles from the young guy, which was good.

Then the young guy & Doris were back again with the main courses. There were 2 x fish and chips. They were for Dad and Aunty Alison and 2 x burgers for Bear and Diggy's mum Aunty Nikki and Uncle Nigel. Uncle Paul, who is Bear & Diggys Dad, had Monkfish and mum Carole had a BLT sandwich (I like the bacon WOL). The staff hoped we enjoyed our meal and if we needed anything else. As they left us everyone agreed it was very good service and the food looked lovely. Then everyone tucked in and mum passed me some bacon which tasted very good. I also tried the fish that dad had; that was yummy too and so big in fact I think it was almost half the size of me. Bear and Diggy got to try the burger and said that it was amazing, and from the sounds coming from our table I concluded that everything tasted awesome. Once everyone had finished eating Doris came back to check everything was OK. We all gave it a big thumbs and paws up.

Then I had my photo taken with Doris (I liked Doris). Dad said he would get some of my products out of the car for her to try and took some more photos of the Anchor Inn. If you are every in Morston or the local area search out the Anchor Inn and hopefully you will meet Laura AKA Doris, who is the manager there, a total dog lover and very a good advocate for the Anchor Inn.